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5G Infrastructure Series
Part 1: Progression to 5G - Looking to the Future
5G has the potential to unleash the true power of the internet.
Bryan J. Spratt, CFA, Portfolio Manager  |  Full Bio (PDF)
5G Infrastructure Series: Part 1 - Progression to 5G: Looking to the Future
5G Infrastructure Series: Part 2 - Hype versus Opportunity and Timing
5G Infrastructure Series: Part 3 - How MHI Invests in 5G Today


Welcome to the Miller/Howard Investments Podcast. This is the 1st part of a 3-part discussion about 5G Infrastructure. Today, we invited Bryan Spratt, Portfolio Manager, to discuss the Progression to 5G – Looking to the Future.

Hello, I'm Bryan Spratt. I would like to discuss the opportunities in communications infrastructure and specifically 5G—where are we now with the 5G rollout and what to expect. We believe 5G has the potential to unleash the true power of the Internet and may radically change how business is conducted. Imagine a world of 24/7 seamless connectivity by both manned and unmanned devices (aka the Internet of things) keeping track, and monitoring everything. Think the network on steroids!

First-generation mobile networks brought us analog cellular that gave us the ability to cut the cord and make mobile phone calls. 2G technologies like CDMA and GSM were the beginning of the digitization of the network and brought us texting and the beginning of email. 3G with greater speeds brought us Internet access on our mobile devices. 4G technology such as WiMAX and LTE brought us video, and apps like YouTube, along with the insatiable appetite for data usage, grew as the adoption of smartphones transformed how we used our "phone."

Each progression also created a host of services and new business models not even thought of by the average person at that time. 5G is gaining a lot of attention and maybe even some hype. But at the core of it, will bring significantly faster speeds, lower latency (think far more responsive), and provide the ability to connect many more devices all at once.

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